We at ClasFolios never underestimate the power of effective feedback and how it can enhance your tutoring sessions. It can fundamentally change how students learn new information and how well they progress over time. So we have made templated feedback feature as part of the core product.

You can create template feedback for your sessions that will repeat among your students and reuse them. ClassFolios automatically fills in the name, gender and other pronouns to make it useable across students.

ClassFolios Feedback

We agree that it is very important that your Feedback reflects the students actual performance. That is why after Feedback is generated from your template it is then fully customizable.

You can customize your Feedback after it is generated on the right side of the Create New Feedback window.

ClassFolios Feedback

All text added there will not be saved as a template for the next student. This should only be for student and lesson specifics of this particular class.