Millions of businesses, including Target, Lyft, and Amazon, trust Stripe to handle transactions safely and securely. Here are the fees associated with invoices paid through Stripe.


Credit and Debit Card payments: 2.9%+$0.30

A $100.00 transaction will net $96.80, with $3.20 going to Stripe. Credit and debit card payments take about 2 business days to be reflected in your available balance

ACH Payments: 1.5%

A $100.00 transaction will net $98.50, with $1.50 going to Stripe. ACH payments take up to 7 business days to be reflected in your available balance

ClassFolios can take payments from your clients online, so that when their bookings appear in your calendar, you can be confident that you have been paid.

ClassFolios supports PayPal(Premium Customers Only) and Stripe. They all allow your clients to pay you by credit card without creating an account.

In this case, we’ll set up a Stripe account. Visit the “Settings” > “Integrations” page in the product.

Steps to get Stripe integrated in ClassFolios

  1. Create your Stripe account and link your Bank for payment -
  2. Navigate under Settings page in ClassFolios and select Integration
  3. Click Connect with Stripe
  4. Complete the Stripe connection and allow ClassFolios to send payment processing through Stripe

Connect with Stripe

Select Stripe from the integrations and click the button to create a Stripe account. If you already have an account, you can just sign-in on the top left.

You’ll need to add your name, card number, CVC and expiry date:

Stripe Connect

Notifications of Payment

Once you’ve registered with Stripe, log in to your Stripe account and choose how you want to be notified of payments. Go to your profile at the top right corner and scroll down till you see the notifications section:

Under Email receipts in the left-hand menu you can see the email receipts that customers will be sent:

Stripe Notification

Stripe Email

Payment Processing Fees

Stripe charges a small processing fee on transactions. Take a look on this page for Stripe charges in your country. They will charge you via the account you set it up when you register with them.

ClassFolios does not charge any amount for payment through Stripe.

What customers see

Customers will have now the option to make the payment through Credit card using Stripe elements integrated in ClassFolios.


Stripe operates in multiple currencies, including GBP and USD - please see a comprehensive list on their site here.


You can simply and easily process refunds via cancellations directly from your stripe account. Sign into stripe and navigate to the refund section. See Stripe’s support pages for more info.

Setting Prices

The price for each class and the total amount in the invoice is calculated by ClassFolios. This is a hassle free service offered by ClassFolios