Getting Started


This guide will help you get started with ClassFolios!

Welcome to ClassFolios! In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of ClassFolios and all our features.

In order to understand how to streamline your processes, you need to understand how your students, calendar, and finances work together. ClassFolios uses what’s called session-based billing.

Session-based billing is a system of automatically calculating money owed by using the student’s lesson price and session attendance. You’ll tell the system how much you want to charge students for their lessons. Schedule lessons and take attendance to tell the system when the student attends. The system automatically calculates their running balance to show what they owe for their lessons.

Once you sign-up for ClassFolios, you will be asked to invite your team mates if you have partnered with other tutors or admin staff. This is an optional step and you can skip.

In order to get started using ClassFolios, there are a few things you’ll need to mark off your check list. This includes:

  1. Set up your organization details including logo (For customized invoices), business profile (for ClassFolios Marketplace) and your social presence.
  2. Setting up your Courses and Batches
  3. Set up and invite your students
  4. Linking your Google Calendar for scheduling
  5. Integrating with Payment service like Stripe or Paypal

You can manage all of the above in Settings.

Revenue - This is where the magic happens. In Payments, you’ll be able to view outstanding, overdue, and closed bills. This is also where you’ll send invoices to clients.

Courses - Courses will give you an overview of every session logged by you or an associate tutor. When you view an individual session, you’ll have access to in-depth session details including session reports.

Students - Similar to the tutors page, here’s where you’ll manage the personal details of your clients. You can also link a tutor to your client and create an engagement.

ClassFolios was designed with you in mind. Everything you need to run your business can be found in the navigation bar on the left. Dashboard is where you can find all the information, and everything you’ll need to run your tutoring business