Payment Model

ClassFolios allow flexible pricing model for supporting wide variety of tutors across the globe.

ClassFolios pricing model is set at the Batch level and all invoicing depends on the pricing model. The three pricing model covers most of the case and is flexible enough for tutors to accomodate their student needs. If you feel there is additional pricing model please reach us at

Pricing Model Description Possible Usecase
per class Invoice amount will be calculated based on the number of classes and student attended. The amount will keep accumulating in unbilled section of the revenue. It should be reviewed periodically and invoices can be created per class. Tutoring is based on schedule based and is repeating
per course Invoice amount will be generated once for the entire course. Tutors can receive partial payments Tutoring for a level (Music Classes) or a school season
recurring Invoice can be configured to be created every month or week or any interval. Invoices are generated based on the schedule and fixed amount Tutoring engagement which has periodic payments instead a hourly or per class