Invoices and Payments in ClassFolios

Invoices move through different statuses from the time they’re created to when they’re paid. ClassFolios calls this the automatic payment workflow. Before you begin, create customers and products and prices to facilitate future transactions. You can use both the Dashboard and the API to set up and interact with ClassFolios Invoicing.

Invoice lifecycle The basic lifecycle for invoices looks like this:

  1. A new invoice begins in the draft state.
  2. ClassFolios finalizes the invoice. (You can no longer make any changes to it.)
  3. The status is set to open and ClassFolios automatically sends a mail to the parent/student. They can also view the invoice in the app.
  4. If payment succeeds, ClassFolios updates the status to paid.
  5. If payment fails, the invoice remains open and the invoice becomes unpaid.
Status Description Possible Action
draft The starting status for all invoices. You can still edit the invoice at this point. You can finalize the invoice to open, or delete it if it’s a one-off.
unpaid The invoice has been finalized, and is awaiting customer payment. You can no longer edit the invoice. Send or pay the invoice. You can also void or mark it uncollectible.
paid This invoice was paid. No actions possible.
partial This invoice is paid in partial No actions possible.
archived This invoice was a mistake, and must be canceled. No actions possible.